Creating a Task

To create a task from within Slack you can use the command:

/tara add


/tara add <task title>

This will generate a modal that allows users to enter basic task details including description, assignee, effort, and sprint. Note that the new tasks will be added to your workspace's backlog.


Setting task details

  • To set task title:

/tara set <task ID> title <value>
  • To set task description:

/tara set <task ID> description <value>
  • To set effort level:

/tara set <task ID> title <effort>
  • To set task assignee:

/tara set <task ID> title <assignee>

Sharing feedback

To send us your feedback you can use the following command:

/tara feedback

Getting support

To get help, simply type the following:

/tara help 

Note: you can also create a new task from Slack by converting a Slack message into a task.

  1. Hover over the message you want to convert

  2. Click on More Actions on the right

  3. Select Create task from message

A modal will pop up, and the content of your message will be saved as the task description.


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