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Track Git data in Tara
Track Git data in Tara

Track your team's code progress with Git statuses.

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Track Statuses

For all tasks that are linked to Git data, you will be able to see 3 additional statuses: PR blocked, PR merged, and PR pending.

  • PR pending: pull/merge requests that are pending review.

  • PR blocked: pull/merge requests that don't pass status check or code review.

  • PR merged: pull/merge requests that have been successfully merged. These PRs will be reflected as "Closed" in the task modal.

Note: To link Git data to a task, please see this product guide article for more instructions.


When the above actions take place on GitHub the task statuses reflected on the sprint details page will help you communicate and identify potential roadblocks and PR's needing attention at a glance.

To see the timestamp at which the status switch takes place, simply go to the task activity section of the task modal.

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