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Track individual progress on the Homepage
Track individual progress on the Homepage

View your day-to-day execution of tasks and how you are progressing in any given sprint.

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Both the current sprint section and the pull request review section will help you stay on top of your work throughout a sprint.

Current Sprint Section

Within your current sprint, you will be able to see all the tasks that are assigned to you or that you are collaborating on so you can directly know what responsibilities you are owning. From there, as you get tasks done, you can select status and put them as to-do, doing, or done.

As you are managing your tasks and getting things accomplished, on the left side of the current sprint section, you can actually access the sprint progress view from there and see how you are progressing with all your tasks and how the entire team is doing at the same time.

Pull Request Review Section

At the bottom of the Homepage view, you will also see the Pull Request section where you can:

  • View open PRs and their corresponding branch

  • View PR status — whether the pull request is ready to be merged, pending code review, or pending new changes

  • See any related comments (you can do so by clicking on the chat bubble on the right of the table)

  • View PRs assigned or created by you

If you need to sort your PRs, simply do so by navigating to the upper right corner and choose the desired sorting order. You can sort by date or by PR status.

Note: users have to enable GitHub or GitLab integration to view open PRs. Visit our Integrations section to learn how to enable Git sync.

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