To create a requirement:

  1. Navigate to Define

  2. Click on Create and Define

  3. Give the requirement a name everyone will recognize for the work it’s going to cover

  4. Begin to define the requirements

Note: When adding descriptions to requirements and tasks, a user can attach files to enrich the content. For each file attachment, there is a 100MB limit for file size. However, we currently do not have a limit on total storage.

Once you’ve defined the requirement you’re ready to start adding tasks needed to work towards completing the requirement.

Alternatively, you can also create new requirements from the sprint page:

1. Open Sprint

2. Click on Create a Requirement

3. Give the requirement a name and click Create- the newly created requirement will appear at the top of the list

If your organization has multiple pods or teams on Tara, each team will have a separate backlog and requirements bin. In order for the backlog to persist to the team you’re on, make sure you have set your preferred team.

Note: New requirements are created into your preferred team by default.

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