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An overview of Tara AI
An overview of Tara AI

New to the platform? Here are a few things you should know to get started.

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Tara AI is a simple yet powerful project management software for teams. We're helping thousands of engineers build revolutionary products around the world.

Tara’s workflow is super simple:

  1. Create a requirement to capture what we want to build and include details such as product requirements, specs, and designs

  2. Evaluate and create the engineering tasks to complete the requirement, and estimate the effort needed to complete each task

  3. Plan and sequence the work by creating upcoming sprints and assigning tasks to them

  4. Start the next sprint, and track daily progress until completion. Rinse and repeat until you finish your product

Key Concepts

  1. Requirement: A requirement typically contains the information - spec, designs, links, etc - about a feature, an enhancement, or a product. It groups together a set of tasks required to achieve the desired outcome, analogous to an epic in other agile task management systems

  2. Task: A task is the fundamental unit of work - typically development work - that is worked on by a single individual. A task should be bite-sized enough to be completed within a sprint.

  3. Sprint: A sprint is typically a one-week or two-week period when the engineering team focuses on completing the tasks planned for this period. A big feature or a large project is typically broken down into tasks that can be completed iteratively sprint by sprint.

  4. Backlog: The backlog contains any tasks that have not been planned or completed yet - i.e. any incomplete tasks that have not been assigned to the current or an upcoming sprint

  5. Homepage: The homepage is the page where you visit every day. It shows what you need to focus on - tasks assigned to you and ones you collaborate on, as well as pull requests on which you are a reviewer - during the current active sprint, minimizing ambiguity and noise.

  6. Global Navigation Bar: Use the navigation bar to switch between pages and access important features in Tara.

    There are 6 main sections to the navigation bar:

    1. Workspace switcher

    2. Mode navigation

    3. Active/inactive integrations

    4. Team switcher/creator

    5. Invite teammates

    6. Your profile

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