The backlog section of the sprint planning page captures any future, unplanned work. It contains three primary elements:

  • Tasks Backlog - The task bucket contains tasks created within Tara that are not assigned to a sprint or requirement.

  • Imported Tasks - tasks imported from Trello, Asana, or GitHub. For GitHub, note that all imported issues will be displayed as tasks.

  • Requirements - This section has all the requirements with tasks that need to be put into future sprints. Note that the requirements on the list are sorted by the most recent.

If your organization has multiple teams on Tara, each team will have a separate backlog and requirements bin. In order for the backlog to persist to the team you’re on, make sure you have set your preferred team.

Note: Requirements remain visible in the backlog as long as there are still remaining tasks to be planned or until they are archived.

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