There are three places you can create a task in Tara. Where you create a task provides context for that task.

1. Create within a requirement: the task is added to that requirement. Any task created here is associated with the requirement.

2. Create in the backlog of the sprint planning page: you can create a task in the Tasks bin - i.e. tasks that are not associated with any requirement, or within a requirement, if you first click into a requirement.


3. Create at the top of each sprint column: the task is added to that sprint directly.


You will be able to select a task assignee directly from the sprint page: simply click on the (+) button located to the right of any task card, select a teammate, and click on Add.


While in the above section, we have already discussed the use case for creating tasks within a requirement. However, sometimes there are certain small tasks - e.g. a bug fix, some maintenance work, etc - that may not be part of a larger feature or project, they can be created outside of a requirement using method 2 above. Those tasks can be found in the Tasks bin in the backlog.

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