After interviewing 250+ engineers and founders, we discovered that most project management software a) takes a lot of time to configure b) is not built for cross-functional teams and c) takes away focus from the release cycle. The status quo is that engineers spend precious time wading through tickets, and EMs + PMs continue to lack visibility at the release level. This only gets worse with distributed teams across different time zones, and as teams outside of engineering rely on products to meet customer milestones and release dates.

Tara AI is building smart and modern software to solve complex problems such as project management. We're starting with a simple Jira alternative, that's helping thousands of teams deliver on planned releases, with more predictability.

At Tara, we’re creating a new normal where technical and business teams alike, can make informed decisions across the entire product spectrum. Tara’s sleek and simple design combined with its user-friendly interface and future-proof workflows makes it so that it’s easier for your team to adapt Tara so you can ship solutions more often.

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