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Setting up your workspace
Setting up your workspace
A few simple steps to get Tara ready for you and your team.
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Invite Users

You can invite users to your team by using the Invite button on the top right. You can either generate a unique invite link or send an invite via email. This is the only way for a new user to join an existing org- if a user creates a new account without an invite a new org will be created.

Note: if your team member fails to join a workspace, one possibility is that the invitation token has expired. You can resend an invite by:

  1. Navigate to the User List

  2. Click on the Invited tab

  3. Click Resend for the appropriate user

Connect to GitHub

You can find out about connecting to GitHub in our GitHub integration section. Our integration does two things:

  1. Bring in commits and pull requests so that your team has full visibility into engineering activities during the sprint

  2. Get each team member to sign into his/her GitHub profile, and Tara will ensure open PRs are routed to the right Tara users and surface them on each engineer’s homepage

Remember to sit down and talk with your team about how you’re going to use Tara to fit into whatever method your team uses to build software. Creating a shared understanding of how you’ll use requirements, tasks, and sprints is the best way to start working.

Tara allows an unlimited amount of tasks and requirements to everyone, for free. Upgrading to Co-pilot, Insights, or Enterprise gives organizations the ability to divide users into smaller teams, allows greater in-app storage, increases the maximum capacity for synced repos, and more. To learn more, please visit our pricing page.

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