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Manage your workspace
Manage your workspace

Update user permissions for your team members.

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Grant/Update User Access

There are two access levels on Tara: User and Admin. An admin has access to all features including the following permissions:

  1. Ability to make other users admin or change their access role

  2. Ability to deactivate and reactivate users

  3. Ability to install all integrations

If you are an admin and need to update access for team members, simply follow these steps:

1. Click on the workspace logo on the top left.

2. Select Workspace settings > Users.

3. Update user access through the drop down menu. You can either grant admin/user access or deactivate an account.

This feature is only available to organizations with the Co-Pilot, Insights, or Enterprise plan. For more information about the plans, please see our pricing page.

Delete a Workspace

All admins will have permission to delete a workspace. To delete, simply go to My Workspace and select Delete Workspace. After entering the workspace name to confirm, you will be automatically signed out of the platform.

Leave a Workspace

If you need to leave a workspace, simply go to My Workspace and select Leave Workspace. After confirming you will be automatically signed out of the platform.

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