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Divide work between teams
Divide work between teams

Manage company-wide work through multiple focused workspaces.

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Creating a Team

You can create a new team by following these 3 steps:

  • Click on the teams dropdown located on the right of the navigation bar.

  • Click on Create new team.

  • Enter a team name and click on the blue tick.

Note: The amount of teams you are able to create is dependent on the plan your organization has chosen. For more information, visit our pricing page.

To rename a team, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the teams dropdown located on the right of the navigation bar.

  2. Navigate to the name you want to update.

  3. Click on the pencil icon and give the team a new name.

  4. Click on the blue tick to save your changes.

Switching Teams

To switch between teams, navigate to the team name on the navigation bar and select the team you want to switch to.

Joining and Setting a Preferred Team

To join a new team, navigate to the workspace logo on the navigation bar, select Workspace settings, and go to Teams. You will see a list of active teams in your org- simply select Join Team to proceed.

You can make a team your preferred team by selecting the team, and clicking on Set as preferred. Upon completion, Tara will automatically display your preferred team in requirements and sprints.

Add members to a Team

To add a new teammate, you can navigate to My Workspace, select Teams, and click on the ⊕ button next to the member list of the team you wish to add.

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