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Creating a requirement
Creating a requirement

Learn how to create requirements and define project scope.

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Requirements can be created on both the Sprint and Define pages through the work drawer. To create a requirement:

  1. Click the ⊕ button next to the requirements dropdown in the work drawer

  2. Give the requirement a name everyone will recognize for the work it’s going to cover

  3. In Define, you can begin to outline the requirements


  • Multi-player editing: Multiple team members can write requirements or tasks and view save notifications, at the same time. When multiple users have the same editor open, they can see save notifications and know that multiple editors are editing the requirement.

    If your work cannot be saved at the time due to network errors or a slower internet connection (or because your bandwidth is being used up by video conferencing) you will now have the option to save updates as a new document instead.

  • File size limit: When adding descriptions to requirements and tasks, a user can attach files to enrich the content. For each file attachment, there is a 100MB limit for file size.

    Our free plan caps total storage at 2GB, while the Co-Pilot Plan is unlimited. More info can be found on our pricing page.

Once you’ve defined the requirement you’re ready to start adding tasks needed to work towards completing the requirement.

Note: In the requirement details panel you can switch the team a requirement is assigned to, or assign it to multiple teams at once. Now teams can plan their tasks in their respective sprints for faster ship time.

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