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Learn about the main components of a task.

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Task Details

  • Task ID
    ID# assigned to each task

  • Title
    Short description of the task which is visible in the backlog. Users can also include labels to indicate task priority, task type, or task status.

  • Description
    Free text area to add details that help the assignee and others understand the work to be done and the expected outcome. Labels are also supported in the description section.

  • Status
    The current state of the task: To Do, Doing, Done

  • Assignee
    The person responsible for completing the work

  • Collaborators
    People who have a shared responsibility or interest in the task.

    When a user is assigned as a collaborator on a task, that user can see that task surfaced up on his/her homepage when that task is assigned to an active sprint.

    For tasks that are imported from GitHub issues: assignees on GitHub issues are captured as collaborators in the Tara task.

  • Effort
    An integer estimation of the effort required to complete a task. Users can track their effort on Tara using different units (days, hours, or story points). The minimum amount is 1.

  • Subtasks
    Captures additional work required to achieve the desired outcome of this task.

    Though not absolutely necessary, subtasks are like mini to-do lists or reminders to get a task to completion. Subtasks can be assigned to collaborators, or anyone else on your team.

    Note that, unlike a task, subtasks cannot be tracked individually in sprints.

  • Requirement
    You can change the requirement the task is associated with.

  • Task activity
    Full list of activities performed in a task, from status change to effort estimation updates.

  • Task comments
    You can leave comments or chat with your teammates using the chat box modal.

    In the task details panel, you will see a section where you can leave comments and communicate with teammates.

    Select the + to the right of the comments section (or the open window icon if there are pre-existing comments) to open the chat box modal and leave a new comment.

    Note that you can @mention your teammates in the comment section (@mention also works inside a requirement or a task description). Upon being mentioned, your teammates will receive notifications via email or, if they have already integrated Slack with Tara, via the Tara Slack app.

Updating Details

When a task card is selected, the details panel will be revealed. This is where you can view and edit all task details.

For quicker access, you can update details such as title, status, effort, and assignee without needing to click into the task. You can assign a task by selecting the avatar icon to the right of the card, which will reveal a list of team members for you to choose from.

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