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Creating and editing tasks

Learn how to generate new tasks in the Work drawer.

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Creating tasks

There are two places you can create a task in Tara. Where you create a task provides context for that task.

1. Create within a requirement: after a requirement is formed, a text box will drop down where the first task can be created. Hovering between existing tasks reveals a purple + that can be clicked to add more. Any task created here is associated with the requirement.

2. Create in the backlog of the work drawer: Sometimes there are certain small tasks - i.e. a bug fix, some maintenance work, etc. - that may not be part of a larger feature or project. These can be formed outside of a requirement using the backlog, located at the top of the work drawer. Once created, backlogged tasks can be found in the tasks bin right below.

Users can continuously generate multiple backlog tasks in one go. Once you’ve clicked into the Create task box, the task input will remain selected as you quickly type one task after another. When you’ve created all the tasks you need, they can be dragged and dropped into the sprint or remain in the backlog for later.

You can close the task create box by hitting the ESC key.

Note: the task bin will now be open automatically upon account creation. This will ensure that the backlog is easy to find and tasks can be created ASAP.

3. Creating tasks within a sprint:

Small, quick tasks that come up during the week can be added directly to your sprints. Similar to the Work drawer, hovering between two existing tasks in a sprint will reveal a purple (+). Use this feature over the backlog for lone tasks that need immediate attention.

Editing tasks

To quickly edit task details after they’ve been created, click the Task-ID number located on the top left of the task card. The full modal will open for you to adjust effort, add details, assign the work, and more.

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