Work Drawer Filters

Tasks that are currently in sprints, or sprints that have been marked as done, can be shown or hidden in the work drawer using the filters menu at the top.

Sorting Tasks in a Sprint

During standup, or as you plan your current sprint, you can sort tasks by task status. This will enable you to quickly navigate through tasks in the current sprint.

Searching for Tasks

You can locate tasks in your Tara workspace using the universal search bar on the Sprint page. Our universal search framework will allow you to search across sprints and identify tasks based on their titles, labels, or assignees.

  • Searching by keyword: best if used to locate a specific task, or set of tasks, that include said word i.e. search “Onboarding” to locate the task “Update onboarding flow”.

  • Search by label type: type # and the name of the label i.e. #P1

  • Search by assignees: type @ and select the assignee from the dropdown list

You can also compound your search to look for labels, task titles, and assignees together.

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