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Organize projects in the Work Drawer
Organize projects in the Work Drawer

Experience effortless planning with high project visibility.

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The Work Drawer stores all of your unplanned work. The inline design allows you to view multiple projects and tasks at once. It contains four primary elements:

  • Tasks Backlog - The task folder contains tasks that you've created but haven't assigned to a sprint or requirement.

  • Requirements - This section holds all of your requirements, with tasks that need to be put into future sprints.

  • Repositories - Your repositories from GitHub or GitLab will be imported here, each containing issues displayed as tasks. The amount of synced repos allowed in a workspace depends on your team's plan. Learn more on our pricing page.

  • Imported Tasks - Tasks imported from Trello or Asana.

Drag and drop tasks from any section of the drawer into your sprints to start planning the week's work. For further organization, rearrange tasks within the drawer itself. You can reorder tasks between requirements, or move new ones in from your repos, imports, or backlog.

If your organization has multiple teams on Tara, each team will have a separate requirements bin. In order for the requirements to persist to the team you’re on, make sure you have set your preferred team.

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