GitLab integration will enable you to track your team's deploys and open issues directly in Tara. By adding GitLab to your workflow, teams will gain better visibility into ongoing commits, merge requests and upcoming releases inside Tara without having to toggle between multiple platforms.

Enabling GitLab Integration

To enable GitLab integration, please do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the homepage and select the GitLab icon located on the navigation bar.

  2. On the Integrations page, navigate to the GitLab section and click on Connect.

Note: only workspace admins can enable GitLab integration.

After connecting, you will see a window with instructions to proceed with the integration:

1. In your GitLab Projects page, Go to Settings > Webhooks.

2. Paste in Tara Webhook URL.

3. Paste in Secret Token.

4. Select all event triggers and enable SSL cert.

5. Click Add Webhook.

6. Select Done.

Upon connecting to GitLab, your Git data will be synced, and you will be able to see merge requests, branches, and commits related to a task in the task modal. To link your data to a task, simply include task ID in the branch name, commit message, or merge request titles.

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