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How do I Use Tara AI in Another Language?
How do I Use Tara AI in Another Language?

Learn how to use Tara in your native language with translation extensions.

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Currently, Tara AI can officially be used in English. If you would like to use Tara AI in Russian, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or any other language then we highly encourage you to use a translation extension in your browser.

Having a full understanding of Tara in your native language will get you the most out of your workspace, features and workflows that help get your team organized.

Google Chrome

  1. Visit the extensions page on Chrome web store

  2. Search for Google Translate

  3. Select Add to Chrome

  4. The extension will appear on the right side of the Chrome browser bar. If you cannot see it, press the puzzle icon to reveal.

  5. Activate the related kebab menu and select Options to set preferences, such as your primary language

The extension will automatically offer to translate pages for you. Or, you can activate the extension manually by selecting the icon in the browser bar.


When visiting a web page on Safari that doesn't match your system's language, the browser will automatically detect it.

A translate button will appear in the smart search field of the browser bar. Selecting it will translate the page to match your system.

For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome with Tara AI.

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