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Deployment Frequency
What is Deployment Frequency?
What is Deployment Frequency?
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Deployment frequency (DF) is a measure of how often code updates or changes are deployed in a specific environment. The higher the deployment frequency, the faster and more agile your process.

Tara AI’s Deployment Frequency dashboard is designed to help you understand how code flows between each development environment, within a repository and timeframe.

  • To choose the repo, navigate to the dropdown menu on top of the dashboard.

  • To change the timeframe, simply navigate to the calendar toolbar on the top right and update the dates.

  • You can also choose which dev environment (dev, staging, production) to view, and compare your team’s performance against that of the previous period using the check boxes on the dashboard.

Use Cases

The Deployment Frequency view will allow you to answer key questions about the pace, efficiency, and frequency of code deployments and improve the overall dev process, such as:

  • How often is code submitted in each environment?

  • Which Continuous Integration (CI) Stage receives the most or least updates per day/week/period?

  • Which dev stage is the blocker within the CI pipeline?

  • How does our current deployment frequency compare to the last week or period?

  • Are we delivering faster or slower than the previous period?

  • Are there specific days when we deploy more than others?

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