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Integrating with GitHub

In order to populate your Git data inside Tara and start monitoring your team's workflows, you will need to integrate your GitHub with Tara.

To integrate your Insights workspace with GitHub, follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Signing Up with GitHub

  1. Navigate to to create your first user on the platform using the GitHub SSO (Single Sign On). Note: Please ensure that you allow pop-ups in your browser.

  2. Click on the Signup button.

Authorize the Tara AI Insights App.

Step 2: Install the Tara Insights GitHub App

After you authorize the Tara Insights GitHub Oauth App. Your Organization is automatically created within the platform and you are presented with a screen to install the Tara Insights GitHub App.

Continue the setup process by clicking on Click here to Complete Install with GitHub.

Step 3: Choose a GitHub Organization to install the App on

  1. Click on Install.

  2. Select the organization you wish to install the application on.

Step 4: Select repos you wish to sync with Tara AI Insights

On the next setup screen for the GitHub App, you will be presented with the option to authorize all repos or select repos. If you want to track only certain repos we suggest you select Only select repositories.

If you wish to track all repos including new ones that will be created in the future, select All repositories.

💡 We recommend that you only integrate your active repositories. All synced repos will appear in the dropdown menu.

Once you’ve made your repo selection, click on Install to proceed. Upon completion of the installation, you will be redirected to Tara AI. The app is now connected to your GitHub repos and data will be synced instantly. You will be able to see data on current pull requests and any development activity e.g. commits, comments, etc. after the integration was completed.

💡 If you have repos that your team shares with another team outside your org, you can:

  • Create a sub-team inside Tara with only selected members on it, or

  • Select the team members individually from the dropdown menu for each of the views.

Inviting team members

After with GitHub, you can start inviting team members to the newly set up workspace. Simply navigate to the bottom left corner and select Settings.

On top of the member list, you will see an invite link. Copy the invite and share it with your team members to invite them to the workspace.

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