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PR Cycle Time
View cycle time and overall PR health
View cycle time and overall PR health
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With the PR Cycle Time view, users can analyze data on a team-wide level or drill down to individual performance.

  • To select the desired team or individuals and gain a more focused perspective on their PR cycle times, navigate to the dropdown menu on the top left.

  • To change the time frame, navigate to the calendar toolbar and specify a start and end date to narrow down the data.

The PR Cycle Time view provides teams with the answers to important questions that drive the optimization of their PR process.

  • How long does the review process take for each PR?

  • Are PR’s being picked up fast enough, or is there a long waiting period?

  • Where do the blockers lie in our process?

  • Why is a certain PR taking longer to merge? Who owns the PR?

  • Is team member X being assigned to too many PR’s?

  • What’s the average cycle time of the team?

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