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View development activity, by team or by engineer
View development activity, by team or by engineer
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In the Activity page, by using the dropdown menu, you can easily view your team activity by:

  • Team

  • Member

  • Period (by week or month).

For example, if you need to see team performance at a higher level, simply choose the team(s) and change the period to month. The aggregate views will help you understand engineering activity across each team, over an entire month. To get a more granular view, simply hover on a specific date to see the activity details.

Use Cases

The Activity view can reveal patterns and blockers in the development process. It allows engineering managers to see who is carrying a lot of opened PRs, who owns most of the comments, how PR review work is divided, and more.

By helping teams identify trends in productivity and velocity at a high level, the Activity view allows you to make better decisions on resource allocation and increase predictability.

For example:

  • If one team member is carrying the bulk of the PR load, your team may want to consider reallocating resources to prevent project delays or burnout.

  • A high number of comments might indicate a high level of traction, but it could also suggest confusion. Your team may need to look into where the misalignment lies, either within the task itself or within associated pull requests.

  • If a repo has a good amount of engineering activity, you can expect certain tasks to be done by a specific timeline. This information allows for better forecasting and planning for future projects.

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