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Frequently Asked Questions
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Workspace & Repo Setup

Can I change repo access from Select Repos to All Repos in the future?

Yes, this can be done directly from GitHub by navigation to your Organization on GitHub by going to

Then click on manage to update app settings.

Does Tara Insights Work with Personal GitHub Accounts?

Tara Insights can not be set up personal GitHub Accounts. You must have a GitHub Organization to install the Tara Insights GitHub App.

What should I do if one of the synced repositories is a shared repo with another team outside our org, and I only want to analyze my team's data?

If you have repos that your team shares with another team outside your org, you can:

  • Create a sub-team inside Tara with only selected members on it, or

  • Select the team members individually from the dropdown menu for each of the views.

Do I need to be a Jira admin to setup Jira integration for the workspace?

No, you do not need to be a Jira admin to set up Jira integration for the workspace.

How does billing work?

Billing is affected by the following:

  • Number of active Github contributors or Jira users or you would like to monitor.

  • Number of managers/admin seats.

Ultimately, your total cost depends on how many contributors/managers you would like to add to your plan.

What about Github teams?

Github teams don't effect billing. You may have an unlimited number of teams for your organization.

What if I use both Jira and Github?

Users in both Jira and Github are combined and add to the total number of contributors. Members that belong to both groups can be combined into a single user so that they aren't counted twice.

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