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Set up teams and track contribution in shared repos
Set up teams and track contribution in shared repos
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A user is able to track the contributions of their team in a repo by utilizing the dropdown menus on each page.

Here, you can filter out which team contributions you would like to view. The teams are pulled from your Github organization. You can learn more about management of teams in Github here.

Navigate to{YOURORG}/teams to create or edit your orgs teams.

If you're looking to adjust selected repos for an Installed GitHub app within an organization, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your GitHub account.

2. Click on the profile picture at the top right corner and select Your Organizations from the drop down menu.

3. Choose the organization in which you want to adjust the installed GitHub app.

4. Click on Settings from the organization page.

5. On the left of your Settings page, click on the Installed GitHub Apps tab.

6. Find the app for which you want to adjust the repositories.

7. Click Configure on the right of the app you want to adjust.

8. Scroll down to the Repository Access section on the configuration settings page.

9. You'll see three choices: "All repositories", "Select repositories", and "No access".

10. Choose Select repositories to manually select which repositories the app should have access to. A field will appear where you can add the repositories.

11. After adjusting your settings, scroll to the bottom and click Save.

You will need administrative permissions for the organization's repositories to change these settings.

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