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Track initiatives with GitHub
Track initiatives with GitHub
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Our Allocations view offers an intuitive approach to see where your engineering team spends their time and where the work is going. Apart from helping teams keep track of their initiatives, this feature also creates structure around workload distribution and allows for better prioritization.

After syncing with GitHub you will be able to establish ‘Initiatives,’ which are essentially special labels assigned to track specific tasks.

Note: Allocations is also available with Jira integrations. For more information please see this article.

How to Create a New Initiative

  • Navigate to the dropdown menu under Allocations

  • Select Add New Goal

  • Select the team you would like to track initiatives

  • Create an initiative name and select the corresponding initiative from the dropdown menu. These initiatives are labels in GitHub that you can add to your PR’s.

  • Set target goals for your initiative. It’s the percentage of work you want to allocate to each initiative e.g. 30% to bug fixes and 70% to docs.

Tracking Your Initiatives

After you finish creating goals, the app then actively monitors the tasks (Github PRs) and provides visual indicators showing (1) what proportion of tasks are associated with each initiative label and (2) whether they are below or above the goal. You can instantly spot if a certain category is falling below or exceeding the set target.

How to Create Github Labels

Users can create a variety of these initiative labels such as bugfixes or docs and apply them to the relevant tasks. To see how to create labels inside GitHub and assign them to PR's, please see this document.

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