Set up JIRA Integration
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Using Insights, you can easily connect and pull data from Jira. This brief guide will take you through the process.

1. Click on the settings button at the bottom left of your dashboard.

2. Inside the settings menu, locate the integrations tab.

3. Find Jira from the list of integrations and click on 'Manage Settings'.

4. Now you will need to enter your Jira Domain Name, Service Account, and API Token.

a. Jira Workspace Name - Your Jira domain name is a unique identifier of your Jira project workspace. You can find this in the URL you use to access your Jira project. It often looks like 'https://[yourcompany]'.

b. Service Account - You will need an account that has project admin permissions for all Jira projects you want to integrate with. Note that depending on the account type, the format of the service account can be different (e.g email, accountname, etc).

c. API Token - To get your API Token you will need to log into your Atlassian account. After logging in, navigate to your 'Profile' via the dropdown in the right-hand corner. Select 'Manage Your Account', then click 'Security'. From here, click on 'Create and Manage API Tokens'. Click 'Create API Token', you can then label your token, copy it and save it for later use.

5. If you are using `Jira Server`, enable the 1st tickbox to properly integrate.

6. If you wish to import all your users at once, enable the 2nd tickbox.

7. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on 'Save Changes'. Your organization is now linked with Jira.

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