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Track initiatives with Jira
Track initiatives with Jira
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Want to keep track of your work allocation on Jira? This guide will swiftly walk you through the steps to use the Allocations Page.

1. Check out our article here for a detailed guide on integrating Insights with Jira.

2. Navigate to the Allocations page, then click the Allocations dropdown and select 'Add new goal'. (If you haven't created any allocations yet you can skip this step)

3. Click on the Jira button to get started. A dropdown will appear with all your projects. Select the project from your Jira organization that you'd like to track.

4. Create at least two initiatives and assign custom names to them. These will be linked directly to your epics in Jira. If you need to add more, simply click the '+’ icon to add them. Remember to use the multi-select feature if you want to link multiple epics.

5. After clicking Continue, set the allocation percentage for each initiative. The total should add up to exactly 100%.

6. Define the start and end dates to set the range that you wish to track.

7. Click 'Save' to complete the process.

After this, the amount of work done on each initiative is visible to you on Insights. You can use this information to make sure the team isn't spending too much effort in one area.

That's it! You're all set to monitor and track the amount of effort going into each initiative. Aim to always keep the percentages below their set allocated amount.

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