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Understanding Benchmarks
Understanding Benchmarks
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Our Benchmarks feature calculates the average of all the ‘time to merge’ values within a specified range and lets you how your team performs compared to others.

Note: ‘time to merge’ is the duration between when the PR is first opened and when it is merged. PR Cycle time in Tara AI, is measured in hours or days when synced to Github.

Our Benchmarks indicator categorizes your PR efficiency into one of four grades:

  • Excellent: If your average ‘time to merge’ is 24 hours or less, your team is doing a fantastic job of maintaining an efficient workflow.

  • Good: a period of 25 to 48 hours indicates a good efficiency level, and that there’s some room for improvement to get your team to the ‘Excellent’ mark.

  • Fair: 49 to 119 hours might be a sign that there are a few aspects in your PR workflow that need a closer look and refinement. There are potentially a few blockers in your development process that need to be addressed.

  • Deficient: If the average time exceeds 120 hours, it’s a clear sign that your team needs to look into your processes, assess the hurdles, and take action to improve efficiency.

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