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View Work in Progress to capacity plan
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Issues Progress provides a detailed picture of each developer’s workload and the status of their assigned tickets. Managers can get a visual overview of their team’s capacity, allowing for better resource allocation and prioritization.

  • The display and percentage distribution of epics can help engineering managers understand how work is divided among developers, how each developer is contributing to each project, or where their effort is going.

  • The change in issue count between different periods can also help you track developer performance trends or ticket completion rates.

With Issue Progress, engineering leaders will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Who is blocked right now, with too many issues?

  • How many tickets does Developer A have at the moment? Will they be able to handle more tickets as needs arise?

  • What’s the current status of the tickets owned by Developer B? Can they lend their expertise to additional epics?

  • Have there been any significant changes in the number of tickets for Developer C over the past month?

  • Who owns this specific epic? If there has been no major progress with this epic, is it because the owner is blocked by too many assigned tickets?

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