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What is Tara and how does it work?

Tara AI is building smart and modern software to solve complex problems such as project management. We're starting with a simple Jira alternative, that's helping thousands of teams deliver on planned releases, with more predictability.


In our open beta, teams can: 

  • Create requirements and tasks (in one scroll) 
  • View daily priority tasks and Github PRs in home 
  • Start sprints in seconds (weekly or bi-weekly) with ongoing team insights 
  • Plan manageable sprints based on recent effort with a smart indicator

From avoiding product delays to assigning the right resources—Tara AI helps organizations large and small innovate faster. Run weekly sprints and planned release cycles on-time. 

Here’s a simple visual guide on how Tara works.

Tara is completely cloud-based and hosted on our servers, which means that you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers giving you the flexibility to access, manage your tasks and run your sprints from anywhere with an internet connection.


Where is Tara located?

We are a globally distributed company, however the majority of our team is based in Bay Area. If you’d like to drop by and say hi, you can find our headquarters at 75 E Santa Clara St. Suite #100 San Jose, CA 95113.


What is Tara’s pricing model?

Principally, we believe teams shouldn’t have to be limited by user counts when deciding which project management system to use. Most are still clunky and cap at 10 users for free accounts- we’re planning to have a free forever plan for unlimited users (much like Gitlab).

Paid plans will be introduced in the near future and may include functionality for enterprise teams, full fledged integrations and/or smart features such as automated sprint management.

TLDR: the free forever plan (at absolutely no cost) will always be for unlimited users- no user caps. We've mindfully built the infrastructure and raised funding to support this.


How is Tara different from other project management software?

After interviewing 250+ engineers and founders, we discovered that most project management software a) takes a lot of time to configure b) is not built for cross-functional teams and c) takes away focus from the release cycle. The status quo is that engineers spend precious time wading through tickets, and EMs + PMs continue to lack visibility at the release level. This only gets worse with distributed teams across different time zones, and as teams outside of engineering rely on products to meet customer milestones and release dates.

Tara AI is building smart and modern software to solve complex problems such as project management. We're starting with a simple Jira alternative, that's helping thousands of teams deliver on planned releases, with more predictability.

At Tara, we’re creating a new normal where technical and business teams alike, can make informed decisions across the entire product spectrum. Tara’s sleek and simple design combined with its user-friendly interface and future-proof workflows makes it so that it’s easier for your team to adapt Tara so you can ship solutions more often.


What is a sprint?

Sprints are a recurring time boxed event that can be set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly on Tara, depending on your release cycle. 


We have seen teams use our platform for weekly engineering and growth sprints, which allows for tasks and priorities to be set in a shorter time frame.

In what countries can I use Tara? 

You can use Tara anywhere around the world. We’ve seen users from the USA, Canada, India, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, China and France to name a few.


What do I need to get started with Tara?

All you need is an email address to get started with Tara! You can sign up for free here. You can also invite users who are part of your team to collaborate with you on Tara.


Is Tara only for product and engineering teams? Can other teams use it?

Absolutely. Sprints are used across various organizations and teams now and are no longer limited to software engineers. Tara’s growth team also uses sprints and we’ve seen all kinds of use cases from sprints for design teams, sales teams and marketing teams. Think of sprints as a way to organize priorities for a time-box (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) for teams.


Which integrations do you currently support?

Tara currently has a bi-directional sync to Github. Once the Github user profile is linked up with the Tara user, our system will properly filter PRs that require a particular engineer’s attention and surface it up on that engineer’s homepage, so that engineer will not miss any of the team’s PRs. 

Tara also has GitLab integration support leveraging the GitLat Webhook. Once connected, Tara can link GitLab branches, commits, and merge requests.

We also allow a CSV task import from Trello pro accounts to help support your migration. Integrations with Bitbucket and Gitlab are currently under development.


Can I connect different repos from the same GitHub org to different Tara workspaces?

Currently Tara only supports 1:1 mapping between GitHub org and Tara workspace.


I have specific questions, is there someone I can speak to?

We believe in being user-centric at Tara and we put your needs above everything else. So if you need additional help or can’t find something you’re looking for, you can shoot an email to support@tara.ai or chat with us on the Tara platform (bottom left) and someone from our team will personally guide you.


I have signed up but not received a verification email. How do I move forward?

We recommend waiting 3 to 5 minutes between resend verification email requests to ensure deliverability to your inbox. You may want to also check your junk/spam folders and trash in case your email provider decides to automatically delete your verification email.

If you’re still having trouble on-boarding, please email support@tara.ai and an on-boarding specialist will personally guide you.


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