Customizing your workspace

 Update Workspace Name

To update the name of your current org (workspace):

1.  Click on your avatar on the bottom left.

2. Select My Workspace.

3. Update your org name.




Update Workspace Color

You can update your workspace color by navigating to the bottom left menu and visiting My Workspace. Users can enter the Hex color code or select a color in the palette.




Update Workspace Avatar

To update your workspace avatar, simply navigate to My Workspace and click on Upload logo to upload a profile picture.




Switch between Workspaces

Users can create, join, and switch between multiple workspaces on Tara. Each workspace contains its own set of data, including requirements, tasks, and sprints, enabling you to segregate projects between different organizations.

To switch your workspace, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the left-side menu.

2. Click on the workspace initials (located under the Tara logo).

3. Select the workspace you want to access.



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