Slack Integration

Slack acts as the central hub for your team communication, just as Tara to your team development. With the Tara and Slack integration, collaboration is even more effortless: you can receive instant updates, track progress, and always stay informed throughout the release cycle.

Integrating with Slack requires double authentication– one for your Slack workspace and one for personal notifications. You have to be a Slack workspace admin to provide workspace authorization.

Here are a few simple steps to get started.


Enabling Slack Integration for Workspace

  1. Navigate to the avatar located at the bottom left corner.
  2. Select My Workspace.
  3. Select Integrations, navigate to the Slack icon and click on Connect.
  4. Upon connecting you will be sent to Slack to integrate Slack with Tara. You will be prompted to grant Tara permission to access your Slack workspace.




Adding Tara to public or private Slack channels

Once you have granted Slack the permission to access your account, navigate to the Slack channel you wish to integrate with Tara and type the following: 

/invite @tara



Enabling Slack Integration for Personal Notifications

  1. Once you authorize Slack to access your workspace, navigate back to My Profile.
  2. Under User Integrations, click on Connect with Slack to link your Slack account with your Tara account for personal notifications.



Adding Tara to personal workspace

Simply press CTRL/COMMAND + K and type "Tara AI." Alternatively you can also navigate to the Apps section located on the left-side column, select Add apps, and search for "Tara AI."


Creating a task

There are two ways to create a task from within Slack.

  • To add a task to your workspace, use the command /tara add This will generate a modal that allows users to enter basic task details including title, description, assignee, and effort.
  • To turn a Slack message into a task, hover over the message you want to convert, click on More Actions on the right, and select Create task from message. The content of your message will be saved as the task description.



Viewing a requirement or a task

To see snippets of a requirement or a task, paste the URL in a private conversation or channel to unfurl the link.



Editing a task

To edit your task, paste the a task URL and click on the Edit button to update the assignee, effort level, or task status.


Sharing feedback or get Help

To send us your comments type /tara feedback. To get help, simply type /tara help to view our guide or contact support.

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